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I’m a married & have a son aged 2yrs, my wife and I get along very well as far as sex is concerned. The following story is a true one and it happened in February 2000, when my wife’s family(my in-laws) planned an overnight picnic at their farm house which is almost two hours drive from our house that is in Defence Phase-4.My wife’s elder brother has two wives with four children, two from each and the eldest is a daughter aged 15 and her name is sara, she is a beautiful looking young budding beauty and I never thought of her sexually until the picnic day. We reached the farm at 10 am, we were welcomed by the neighbouring landlords as a trend and were invited for lunch the same afternoon, every body except for Sara,as she wanted to stay back because she is a lonely type of a girl. My wife asked me to stay back for she never wanted to leave this young virgin alone and she could’nt stay herself because there were a lot of ladies waiting for her to show up at the lunch.They all left at around 12 o’clock, It is a half hour drive from our farm house,the moment they left Sara went in the bedroom and went to the bathroom for a cold shower and I started changing myself into my soft cotton shorts and T- shirt and I did not wear any underwear because it was too hot out side. I entered sara’s room without any knock to get the air conditioner started and there it was the biggest surprise of my lifetime waiting for me, THE SOUND OF SHOWER RUNNING, the bathroom door was slightly opened and the moment I tried to look inside it nearly gave me a heart attack when I saw her virgin naked body, wOW! she is too good to be left alone, I got a hard on instantly as she was stark naked. I removed my clothes and slowly and carefully entered the bathroom. She was with her eyes closed and rubbing the inner part of her thighs with the soap and not knowing that she is being watched by her uncle from a distance of hardly two feet. She was shocked to see me there with her standing naked when I called out her name Sara! . She started shouting and screaming I tried to stop her from shouting and told her that it is fine if nobody knows about it and she begged me to leave the bathroom but I told her to keep quiet for I am just sharing the shower with you honey. She felt at ease,and I asked her if she is still a virgin, she replied yes, all three of her holes were.I asked her if she wanted to fell good she said yes, and I asked her to sit down she did and I slowly started kissing her 32B breasts and she started moaning and finaly I kept my mouth on her tiny and hairless pussy and started kissing her there she screamed uhhh ahhhhh aouchhhhhhh no don’t do this hurts me a lot plzzzzzz don’t do itttttttttt noooooooooo as if I was kissing her lips. She was all wet and was screeming like crazy then I took her to the bedroom still wet from the shower and threw her on the bed and asked her to suckmy prick (7″)which she did and then I asked her to open her legs and the moment I kept my now bulging cock on the virgin lips of her pussy it seemed impossible to fit in I slowly slid the tip of it inside her opening she shouted in pain, I stopped suddenly with the tip still inside and tried to ease her down that is when she had the first orgasm of her life, which, made her lovely body arch and the whole of my cock went in the depth of her pussy and I started pumping in and out fast and when I was about to come she started holding me with long legs (she is 5′9″)and I had to shoot all my load in her sweet virgin pussy we both were afraid that she might get pregnant but she luckily did not conceive. I fucked her many a time after that as we both enjoy fucking and we continue to have sex when ever we get a chance.