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My Teacher Broken My Virginity by Sayali

So I am 21 year old. I am
fair in color & height is 5.2
inch & figure is 34D-28-34
just trying too losing some
weight & the story which I
am sharing now is when I was 18th it mean 4 year
back from now & at that
time I was sexually
average So enough chit
chat let’s begin I was in polytechnic final
year in electronic &
telecommunication branch
.Submission was going on
at that time & enough day
were remaining to complete it. Above banner will open in a new tab I had almost completed all
of my submission except
Microprocessor and
Interfacing because the sir
had given a lot of
assignment to complete & even I didn’t completed my
project So I thought after
completing my project then
I will complete his work
Meantime I had plan during
submission to visit on hill station near your town
with my boyfriend coz he
was forcing me from last
year & I was ignoring him
due to some reason . So it was Saturday
probably last day for
submission & I know that
there are many guy who
didn’t complete their
submission So I will also submitted with them .So I
went with my boyfriend to
hill station we was
enjoying a lot like kissing
he press my boob’s & I
suck his dick around 4 o’clock I got call from
unknown no. I pick it up
Me-hello who is this? Him-Is this Sayali I am
speaking from your collage
& I am your M & I sir (my
voice became scary &
about sir he is 28-29 year
old unmarried. Fair in color a good looking according
to me height 5.7 & leave in
front of collage) Me- yes sir Him-You did not submitted
your assignment I think
you didn’t want marks for
this subject? Me-No sir I was completing
my project Him-but you are not in the
collage I had send a boy to
call you he said that you
are not in the collage Me-no sir I am in girl’s
hostel I will be there in a
min Him-came soon I am
waiting for you As soon as we went to
college it take half & hour
to reach your collage. I ran
into his office he said Him-came madam did you
need water or coffee or
anything to eat Me-sorry sir I was about to
complete my project &
today was the last day to
submitted it Him-It’s ok give me the
assignment Me-Sir just naming to
diagram & few question is
remaining I will complete it
in no time Him-ok but complete it
before 6 o’clock Me-ok Thank you sir I went on desk in front of
him & my shirt two button
was open & my cleavage
my exposing but I don’t
notice it & I was completing
my assignment (While complete my assignment I
was noticing that the sir
was looking at my
cleavage but instead of
closing them I thought if
continues to stray them I will get some more time to
complete) .Last two
assignment remaining & it
was about 6 o’clock Sir said Him-Madam it 6 o’clock
came on give it to me Me-just 5 min last two
assignment is remaining I
will complete it in no time Him-you said the same at 4
o’clock Me-Sir please Sir just few
min? Him-No madam No I am
calling your parents let
them know what are you
doing in college? I became scarce because he
know everything about
me even one my friends
say that he strays at me
whenever he is around &
he had seen me couple of time hangout with boys,
bunking college & going
for movie So I went near
him Me-Sir please No sir just one
day I promise you I will
submitted it in morning Him-no I am calling your
parents I hold his hand & request
him not to call my parents
after sometime he said Him-if you show me your
breast then I will give you
as much time you want Me-what? No way He-the answer is No then I
don’t have any choice
instead of calling your
parents .he pick up the
phone and dial my dad no. I
said Me-Ok ok please cut the
called He-good otherwise your
life was about to became
hell Me-promise me… after seen
my breast you will never
ask me to show them again He-Definitely Never So I went to lock his office
door from inside & went
near him. I undress myself
& show him my breast
after sometime he came
closer to me .I cover my boobs with my hand .he
force me to remove them &
then started pressing them
. I was saying “No sir
please” in a scary voice but
he not listening to me after
sometime put his hand
inside my pants & started
fingering them .he was fingering them so roughly
like a drill machine making
whole in a wall I started
crying I was trying to
remove his hand but he
was not removing it after some time we hurt that
someone was coming
throw lobby I put my shirt
on and put my bra inside
my bag & went inside
bathroom .all teacher & college staff was gone &
the noise we heard of was
watchman of college he
was checking that
everyone gone out to lock
the collage I was crossing him he said “Madam what
are you doing here? The
college is over at 5 o’clock”
“I was submitting my
assignment to sir” while he
was talking the was straying at my breast coz I
was wear white shirt & my
nipple was bumping out
“Ok ok “ I went in parking
where my scooter was
park .I got a text message from Sir saying “Wait in café outside of
college” I reply him “No sir I have a class to
attend” I was lying to him
because if anyone seen
together definitely it will
not good for me “I said Wait outside of the
café .I am not going to rape
you there?” So I was waiting outside of
the café wearing a scarf he
came & said He-“I am hungry lets go &
eat something” Me-“Sorry sir but I need to
go .My friends are waiting
for me to go to class” He- “I know what kind of
class you are going let’s
go” & he took keys of my
scooter .So I also went
inside .he order two masala
Maggi & omelet & after then
.he order coffee for us. He-“So thanks you Madam
for giving me my best life
experience which I am
never going to forgot” I was embrace He-“Ok if this topic is
making you uncomfortable
then I will change the topic
bye the ways you have an
amazing body you’re just
18 but your body is growing like your 20+” Again I didn’t say anything He-“It was a compliment” We got your order .we
finish them & came outside
I said Me-“Thank you sir I will
submitted the assignment
tomorrow” He-“Relax I already given
marks to them .it just the
process that we all have to
fallow” Me-“Ok sir bye” I took keys from him &
went away in evening I
text message from him “Hey sweetheart” “Yes sir” “Tomorrow we are going
for a movie you’re in” “Sorry sir I can’t I have a
project to submitted & in
evening I am not allowed
to go outside” “I know you already
submitted the project what
do you think who I am?” I didn’t reply to him “So you’re in & bring and
extra dress or whatever
you like to wear for a
movie tomorrow” Next day I went to collage
& I went to my class a boy
came to call me that the sir
is asking me so I went in
his office .he said “the
show is at 2 o clock… let’s go” I went back to class I
said to my friend that I am
not feeling well am going
home & went to talkies .he
was already there waiting
for me .I park my scooter in parking & went inside to
the mall .It was A grade
movie & he had book
couple corner ticket So I
went to bathroom to
change my dress. I had bring Patiala salwar with
me . So I was in yellow salwar
black jeans & black heels
.we went on your seat It
was a really a bold movie
which turn me on usually I
don’t watch movies like this .after few mins when
movie started Sir started
rubbing my hand’s first I
was feeling uncomfortable
after few min he pull me
over & started kissing me .few movie scene was too
bold & it was turn me on so
I also responds him after
few second he started
biting my lips which really
pump me. Coz they ways I use to kiss my boyfriend is
like normal kiss just lip to
lip not biting or anything
like that. Then he place his hand
over my left boobs &
started pressing them then
he kissing me on my neck
which started blowing me
away after few min he put his hand inside my salwar
to press my boobs .he
whisper in my ears saying
“remove your bra” So I
unhook my bra inside my
salwar & trying to remove it but the strip was stuck
on my shoulder however I
remove my bra & put inside
my bag which was lying on
my leg again he put his
hand inside my dress & started press them he was
pressing them slowly
slowly which making me
badly turn on & AC in the
talkies was quite cold
which making me wild after sometime he put my
hand on his dick & started
rubbing it. He had a huge
dick I was pressing his dick
over his jeans after few
mins he was about to remove his dick outside of
his jeans but sadly interval
happen .I pull my hand
back & adjust my dress
then Sir call the guy over
there to take the order we order nachos, Popcorn &
coffee .sir ask me He-how are feeling now? I just gave him a naughty
smile to which he pull me
Squeeze my cheek & kiss
me for a while that I said to
sir that I need to go to
bathroom? I went to bathroom & remove my
panty & put it inside my
bag & went to seat I
whisper in his ears “I had
little Surprise for you” & I
show him my panty inside my bag to which he got so
excited again he squeezed
my cheek & kiss me after
sometime movie started
but we haven’t receive
your order soon the boy came gave us your order
we finish it As soon as I
took my last sip of my
coffee sir pull me & started
kiss me .we kiss for a while
& then he started pressing my boobs .I was feeling
amazing then he pull out
his dick out. The row which we were
seating had only three
couple one was in that
corner & another one was
seating 4 seat away from
us & they was also kiss to each other .So sir took the
advantage I was playing
with his dick for a while & I
need to say it was my first
big dick .after sometime he
said “take it inside your mouth” So I bend a lit bit to
take his dick inside my
mouth but we was having
problem & somehow I was
unable to take his dick
inside my mouth due to the seat handle between us So
we let it go he continue to
press my boob then he
unzip my chain & put his
fingers inside my pussy
OOMMGG first time a man hand touch my pussy it
was amazing he done for a
while that he said “we are
public cinema hall we can
do here” “So??” “Wait until
that movie is over” I said him sadly “But I can’t
wait?” “Sorry baby but
you have to?” So I zip my
chain back & continues to
kiss him until the movie is
over .I said to him I back in few sec .I went to
bathroom & wear my bra &
panty back & we came to
parking he said He-“It just 4 o’clock & I am
not leaving you until 5?” Me-“So where we should
go now” He-“My flat is nearby let’s
go there” So we went there it was
nice area where he was
leaving .we went to his
house he has a huge house
wear he leave alone as
soon as we entry his house He left me in his arm & went
to bedroom he throw me
on bed put my bag away
remove my salwar & bra
started licking my boobs
he was biting my nipples then he turn on the Ac in
that room & remove my
jeans with my panty they
he smell of my panty which
make him complete wild he
got completely naked put condom on his dick .I stop
him & said “Sir I never
don’t this before” “don’t
worry I teach you that my
job” & then he slowly put
his dick in my pussy OO MM GG it was hell at the same
time it was awesome &
painful for me then he
started moving it slowly I started crying to which
he kiss me & started
moving his dick fast I was
crying shouting “Slowly
please Slowly” but he didn’t
care continues to fuck me after sometime like
5-7mins he stop remove his
condom put his dick inside
my mouth I was sucking
his dick couple of time I
was sucking his balls however we was enjoy
but he didn’t put his dick
inside my ass coz it was too
big for me to handle he
continues to fuck me in my
pussy he was fucking me in standing position then he
took me to his kitchen fuck
me on his table So on & so
on .he took me in where’s
place in his house & fuck
me there . We had sex till 5 o clock
after that I went to his
bathroom get shower
wear my collage uniform
and gave him a long kiss to
which he pull me & make that kiss to long before
going from there I had
done some make up &
went away after that
incident we didn’t have sex
but he use to give me expensive gift & he help a
lot for pass my polytechnic
& then he got suspend
from collage for taking
privet tuition outside
which is not allow in your collage rule & then he move
in to Mumbai coz he got a
good job there after few
months from incident he
got married .I was invited
but I don’t care to attend his marriage & it was in
Mumbai So away this is
how I broke my virginity
after that incident I had
done sex couple of time
like you can read it by click on the link over there this
is how my incest sex life &
hoping this was my last
story to share with you
guys hope you enjoy it . Now I completely loyally to
my boyfriend & it just was
my memories to share with
someone before complete
erase them from my mind
So I share them ISS (I was introduce on this site by
my friend who leave in a
girls hostel last year and I
enjoy a lot reading story
on it) So you can mail me on Please just Positive reply
only & again Love You Guy


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