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Kochi Girlfriend Ke Jor Kore Choda

Kochi Girlfriend Ke Jor Kore Choda

Well hi to all readers of ISS. I read all the stories and now I decided to write my own which is true and 100% correct. First about myself I am from Srinagar, India. Xain 24 years old 5.8 feet with over 70 kgs with thick dick of nearing 8 inches and 2 inches wide and my gal Nikki is 18years fresh piece of beauty, she is hot with nice pair of boobs sexy thick cheeks and an ass which will make even horse erect 36, 26, 36. It all started few years back when she accepted my proposal and started relation with me, ever since she said yes I had a desire to make love to her but she was very innocent and sweet and I didn’t know how to start. In 2009 One day we went to village as she was my cousin too with our mothers in my car for few days as it was new feeling all together and we were playing with kids in another room suddenly lights went off And she came accidentally close to me and I grabbed her and hugged her the moment thought came in my mind that I want to taste her, I rubbed her boobs and kissed her may times forcefully, later that evening after dinner we went to sleep in our elder cousin sister room she was sleeping with her and I was sleeping alone when everybody slept and lights were off I asked Nikki to come in to my bed for just to talk a little initially. She refused but my cousin who new about my plans insisted her to move into my bed and she did, again lights went off and I pulled her down and started eating her like a hungry dog. I took her Kameez off and sucked her boos kissed her rubbed her pussy but she never allowed me to take her Salwar off, even I wanted to fuck my girl hard but she didn’t allowed me to which I didn’t forced her. She then grabbed my dick on my request and jerked me off while keeping her mouth in my mouth. Days passed I was getting mad how bad I wanted to fuck my angel innocent girl I only knew. In between many years passed we never reached to fuck station she always let me view her pussy and made me to rub her pussy with my dick and never allowed me to fuck her to which I accepted happily but internally I was dying to fuck her holes. I made a plan we started watching porn and we used to talk openly about sex, fuck, dick etc but I was waiting for my turn and the day her friend was going to be get married she had to go there for 3 nights as allowed by her family and luckily my family was gone to city outskirts that very night so I requested her to come to my home for that night last 3 rd night after long fight and drama she said yes, as per plan. I got to pick her on my bike and quietly in the evening at about 7 pm brought her home, god I was so hard will riding my back as she was on the back, I had brought some Desi Darru , I thought I will make her drink that in coke and when she gets sleep I will fuck her pussy apart, when we reached home, I grabbed her quickly and began to suck her and I made her naked in few seconds And I was not kissing her not even rubbing her not even touching her, I just opened her legs and ass and I was sucking her pussy and ass hole like a honey port, she was also surprised and amazed by this and she somehow got my thick and long hard dick out of my jeans and began to suck her but and I was so roughly eating her pussy that she was shouting like a whore in porn movies, seeing my innocent girl enjoying like this made me go for more and hard She came many times and I saw juices dropping out of her pussy hole and when I eat those they tasted like honey cream and after she requested my to leave her for few moments to have some breath I began with plan 2 and brought her the coke mixed with DD but she had a sip and refused to drink as it was bad taste and it was bad news then whole night I was fucking her ass chicks and pussy lips but never she allowed me to enter her pussy or ass hole again days passed. I was crazy to fuck her but not in forceful position otherwise I would have fucked her many years before. I kept on waiting and one day my family was out again I invited her to my home and she came I knew nothing will happen she will only make suck her pussy and ass hole for the whole day and will not let me enter her. She came and we had drinks and then we started a little kissing and I showed her some porn on my laptop as predicted she quickly took her Salwar off And grabbed my head in her legs and made me suck her holes for almost many hours which I was doing obediently then again she let me jerked off on her ass chicks and this was it and we were lying naked and she opened my laptop and continued watching that Chinese porn movie were girl was getting fuck hard in ass and I was lying beside my darling innocent Nikki, she was watching as I was also getting hard my listing to moans of the movie. I started rubbing my hard dick with Nikkis ass again after few minutes she turned to me and started kissing me and as she was also naked made my laid on ground and jumped on me and was rubbing her cunt with my hard dick and I was holding my hard dick straight she was brushing her pussy hole with the tip of my thick organ, I was abusing her that take you bitch my dick inside your hole what you afraid of? Let me fuck you why you here you bitch get yourself fucked and I was abusing her very badly as I knew she likes to be abused and she gets horny by listening to bad Hindi abuses and suddenly I don’t know what stroked her and she inserted my dick inside her pussy and she shouted in pain I felt my hard virgin dick getting tightened in some hot hole as she was virgin too. I asked her what happen teri lyaat meri andar gussi hai your hard dick is inside my pussy and I started pumping hard and hard I knew this was the moment which I was waiting for and I started praising her you are nice girl, love you, you are so sweet, let your hubby fuck you sweety and she said lakhoo lakhoo katoo meri chuttt fuck me fuck and me tear my pussy apart” And I suddenly took a turn and placed her on her back while all inside her and was ramming into her so hard she was shouting like any eyes closed, her tongue was out on her lips mmm fuck me zooor say chodo zooor say chodo fuck me harder. I was getting so and so fast by these words seeing my girlfriend as innocent and cute little girl always watching her new face was a real joyful experience still kept ramming her till. I came inside her pussy first time and spank my all juice in her horny pussy and did not got my dick out till I kept stroking and it was hard again I was fucking my horny girl for whole day since I have started fucking her it has been a year now already I have fucked her many times, I get her home some day and fuck her all day there are many more stories to tell please give your comments

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